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Unable to open Flash or HTML page in SharePoint Foundation 2010

Yesterday I succesfully set up my first SharePoint Foundation 2010 in Windows Server 2008. Everything went very smoth.

When I tried to play flash movie inside .aspx file i didn’t work. When I tried to open the flash file link directly it was starting to download the swf instead of playing it. I also tried with .html – it was also forcing the download.

I googled a bit and than stumbled upon http://paritala-sasi.blogspot.com/2009/12/opening-html-files-in-sharepoint-2010.html blog.

You need to do following steps:

  1. Open Central Administration
  2. Go to Manage web applications
  3. Select the Web application you want to configure
  4. In the ribbon click on the General Settings button
  5. Under Browser File Handling select Permissive (the explanation there should clarify what is going on)